Schools & Instructors

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Please remember to a) take a free diving course, with a licensed instructor, before attempting depth dives and b) NEVER DIVE ALONE
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Freediving Instructors Directory by State:


Ft. Lauderdale
  • Ted Harty

Immersion Freediving

  • Ricardo Paris

Vortex Freediving / Performance Freediving


  • Byron Kay

Kona Freedivers

  • Daniel Koval

Freediving Instructors International

  • Jessea Wenjie Lu

Performance Freediving International

  •  James McNeil


New York

New York (and International)
  • Bobby Kim

Freediving Instructors International

North Carolina

Wilmington (and international)
  • Ashley and Ren Chapman

Evolve Freediving 


  • Nathan Leazer

Blue Alchemy Freediving


US Freediving Institutions That Train and License Freediving Instructors:

Note: USAF does not sponsor, support or promote any Freediving Schools, Instructors, Clubs or other Organization. The following are links to sources available to the public.