Grant Graves


Grant began freediving at a very young age while growing up in Malibu, CA. He realized if he caught fish his parents would buy him gear. So, the cycle began. Get better at freediving and catching fish, get more and better gear. Scuba eventually took over.

While shooting a freediving segment in Grand Cayman for the Aquanauts television series on Animal Planet, Grant experienced a shallow water blackout. He decided he had abused his freediving for long enough.

When US Freediving was formed, Grant was asked to participate on the original board. He served with the Board for eight years functioning as President for six of those years. After a break from service with US Freediving he has returned to the Board.

Grant became an international freediving judge and worked his way to becoming a freediving judge instructor. He has participated in multiple world record events, acted as President and Vice President of the Jury at multiple World Championships, both team and individual depth and pool championships. He has been awarded as the best international freediving judge on three occassions.

Grant’s primary interest in organized freediving is in athlete development and safety. He continues to participate in judging activities. As president, he continues to be focused on growing freediving in the United States, building US Freediving as an organization, and supporting the members of US Freediving in their desires and growth as freedivers.

Grant is a PADI Course Director, training instructors to teach scuba diving. He is also a television director working primarily on water related productions. He continues his work to encourage and engaged people to participate and feel connection to the water.